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Custom Pet Portrait - Sticker Sheet #2

Emily VanderMey

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As one of a kind as your cherished pet, each of my pet portraits is custom-made from start to finish. Inspired by photos and stories you share with me, I will hand draw your pet’s portrait, making renderings until you feel I have captured their likeness just right! From there I will add color and create your custom sticker sheet, all in my home studio!

Style #2 offers 7-10 stickers number depends on each pet, I will create as many stickers per sheet as possible.

3-4 medium stickers, and 4-6 small stickers* 

The Nitty Gritty

Each sticker sheet is roughly 8.5x5.5"

Stickers are water resistant, glossy, with permanent adhesive

Stickers are not UV-Resistant and will fade in direct sunlight. ie. on a car window


*Sizes are an estimation and depend on each individual portrait
Medium: 3" Small: 2"