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PRE ORDER Sticker: Jumping Spider #1

Emily VanderMey

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Pre order this sticker to get yours when I do my next sticker cuts! I usually have a stock available of each sticker but I have run out of this one for now  if you don’t want to wait for me to re stock, you can place and order now for a pre order. This can take up to a week to get in the mail for you so keep that in mind when ordering.

This Johnson Jumping Spider is part of my Bugs Sticker Collection, and this little guy is of the cutest of arachnid's. The bug collection is Inspired by the creepy crawlies found around our farm (Oak Holler Farm - Marshall, NC) and throwing the art themes back to the days when all I drew was bugs. 

Wholesale pricing available if you order a full sheet of stickers (usually 8-10 stickers fit on each sheet depending on final design and size. Email me to purchase wholesale)

The Nitty Gritty

Stickers are water resistant, glossy, with permanent adhesive

Stickers are not UV-Resistant and will fade in direct sunlight. ie. on a car window

Shipping cost is flat rate of $3 no matter how many you order, so I recommend getting more than one or adding individual stickers onto your sticker sheet order.

*This sticker is just over 3" on it's longest side.