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Sticker: Teneral Adult Cicada

Emily VanderMey

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This Teneral Adult Cicada is part of my Entomology Sticker Collection. The white Teneral Adult is the temporary form a cicada takes right after the molt, before its shell and wings harden. I created this cicada illustration to commemorate the 2021 brood of cicadas. The last emergence was in 2004, and this summer we will hear the mating call of this new generation of cicadas before they go underground for another 17 years. 

Wholesale pricing available if you order a full sheet of stickers (usually 8-10 stickers fit on each sheet depending on final design and size. Email me to purchase wholesale)

The Nitty Gritty

Stickers are water resistant, glossy, with permanent adhesive

Stickers are not UV-Resistant and will fade in direct sunlight. ie. on a car window

Shipping cost is flat rate of $3 no matter how many you order, so I recommend getting more than one or adding individual stickers onto your sticker sheet order.

*This sticker is just over 3.5" on it's longest side