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I'm Emily VanderMey, potter, graphic designer, illustrator. 

My goal as an artist is to make one of a kind functional artwork that you would want to use every day.

A lot of time and love is put into my custom pet pottery. I truly enjoy what I make and I wouldn’t continue to do so if I didn’t love seeing all the adorable faces and memorializing them on pieces of art. 

I started on the road to custom pet pottery in 2017. When I adopted my dog Banzai and I knew I had to create a piece of art with her likeness. I called this first drawing “Bon Gogh”. She is a brindle dutch shepherd mix and her fur pattern reminded me of “Starry Night”. After I shared my first and new favorite mug, friends and family members started requesting I make a custom mug of their pets. I loved doing it so much that I essentially derailed my fine art endeavors to pursue custom pet pottery. 

I am finding a balance between custom orders and pushing my fine art into new territories, and everything is starting to come together as one body of work. I can now comfortably show my pet pottery next to my new line of “Farm Art” which is truly exciting.