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How custom pet pottery works

Photos of your pet

The best drawings come from high quality, close up photos. I recommend getting a photograph of your pet in natural lighting or outdoors. You can send 1-6 photos and I will use my best judgement of which one will work best. 

I love photos that capture your pets personality (ie. goofy smile, piercing stare, favorite toy in mouth) and they always turn out so cute!

As a pet owner myself, I realize that it is a frustrating task capturing your pets personality AND having good lighting. I can work with most photos if needed but the detail I am able to accomplish will be different between a high quality natural lighting photo and a low resolution grainy one.

Click here for photo high quality, ok quality, and low quality photo examples. No matter what, I always put the time and effort into making sure your sketch is a good likeness of your pet. 

If you have any questions about photo quality and what you need to provide, shoot me a message and I can help.

The Sketches

I will provide you with a line drawing before I put needle to clay to make sure I captured your pet well. If you don’t like it I will re do it, make changes, or use a different photo. Whatever is necessary to make sure you LOVE your drawing. 

I do not include fur detail on the sketch, but please send me a note if there is a particular fur detail that really makes your pet look unique and I will make sure to include that. I will add any coloring, markings, etc on the final drawing in clay.