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Dear Emily,
I’ve been wanting to reach out to you since my husband presented me with the gift to honor Teddy, my beloved canine soulmate. It brought heartwarming tears to my face upon receiving it. I’m so touched by his thoughtfulness and your beautifully drawn image of my precious boy! 

Teddy was a once in a lifetime dog for me! He took me on a journey that I never dreamed possible. We were a pet therapy team since the time he was one years old….the requirement to do therapy work. We visited psychiatric adolescents at New York Presbyterian Hospital. He was a rock star to those kids. 

Teddy and I started taking puppy lessons with him when he was twelve weeks old and we loved learning together. The teacher taught me how to train my dog and I worked with Teddy. It was so rewarding for both of us that we advanced through the years. Ultimately we had shown in AKC Obedience and Teddy achieved his Companion Dog Excellent! His success was more about our relationship than doing the required exercises. He had also learned the third and highest level of skills in AKC Obedience although I believed it was best to retire him with his cancer diagnosis. It was the right decision. 

We savored every moment together….with the human and canine family. Beyond all the sharing of Teddy in our therapy work together, and the training and showing, Teddy and I shared a devotion to each other that, to me, is the essence of the crowning glory of “Man’s (woman’s) best friend". 
I know in my heart that Teddy had a wonderful life. He knew that he was treasured and loved beyond measure. I drink my coffee every morning, sometime in tears, but more and more with treasured memories of Teddy. 

With heartfelt gratitude