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Pet Pottery Details

Photos for your sketch

The best drawings come from high quality, close up photos. I recommend getting a photograph of your pet in natural lighting or outdoors. You can send 1-6 photos of each pet and I will use my best judgement of which one will work best. 

I love photos that capture your pets personality (ie. goofy smile, piercing stare, favorite toy in mouth) and they always turn out so cute!

As a pet owner myself, I realize that it is a frustrating task capturing your pets personality AND having good lighting. I can work with most photos if needed but the detail I am able to accomplish will be different between a high quality natural lighting photo and a low resolution grainy one.

Here are examples of good, ok, and bad photos for me to use to sketch. 


Natural lighting, close up


Natural lighting, taken from further away. Reduced amount of details.


Low indoor lighting, no good definition on features. 2nd photo is an awkward angle that doesn't show off key details.


If you have any questions about photo quality and what you need to provide, shoot me a message and I can help.